Battery safety

BIPBA is a proud partner of the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT). Since 2017, BIPBA has worked with CAPT to provide expert information and guidance to parents and professionals working with children and families, on battery safety.

BIPBA and CAPT have also worked with Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) to raise awareness of the risks posed by button and coin cell batteries when swallowed by a child. OPSS has created a range of resources to raise awareness of the potential risks posed to children by swallowing button and coin cell batteries.

CAPT has put together a range of education tools and resources to help families and healthcare professionals navigate the risks associated with button and coin cell battery ingestion. You can find these below.

Video content.

CAPT and the EPBA have a number of videos highlighting the risks associated with button and coin cell batteries.

Educational content

Download and share our poster Button Batteries: Where are yours? [PDF]

You can also download and share CAPT’s illustration of a house and all the button batteries you can find in it, plus cut-outs of the different rooms.

CAPT’s downloadable session plan [PDF] offers an easy way for clinicians and stakeholders to raise awareness in an engaging way.


CAPT – Button and Coin Cell Safety Hub

EPBA – Battery Ingestion